Elisabeth FINK

Originally from Germany, I arrived in Lauris with my family by pure chance and it turned out to be exactly the kind of place I was looking for; a pleasant and calm village, neither too busy, nor too far from the next big city.

Back then, my job as a ceramicist offered me the opportunity to meet people and contributed to my discovery of the beautiful surrounding area. Through open days at my workshop, activities I organised with the primary school, summer exhibitions in the garden and many pottery markets, I have progressively built my new home here, in the south of France..

Over time, the important role of French ‘cuisine’ and the delightful local produce have drawn my interest from the plates I make to the dishes that are served on them. It is such a great feeling to cook tasty meals with beautiful dishes! A few years ago, because of my love for cooking and good food, I decided to train as a professional nutritionist and would be very happy to talk to you about the importance of quality and enjoyment of food.

If my work as a nutritionist interests you, please take a look at the “Food and Well-being” section.