Located just south of Luberon in the picturesque village of Lauris, Le Grand Jardin is a place to come for inspiration, experimentation exchange, or if you simply need a break.

Twenty years ago, when the gates opened in front of me for the first time and I discovered this magnificent house and garden, I could not help falling in love immediately.

Recently, the house, the former pottery workshop, show room and what used to be a pool house have been renovated with ecological materials in order to optimise the consumption of energy, and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The expertise of local craftsmen and the personal touch of a few artists from the village have contributed greatly to the success of the project.

My team and I organise various activities; when staying with us you will, for example, be able to take part in our cookery workshops or pottery classes.

In the autumn of 2014, we initiated a new project on a part of the grounds; the creation of a collective orchard, planted according to the principles of permaculture. The aim of this initiative was to transform what used to be a decorative garden into a feeder forest.

Open and free workshops are regularly organised, during which you can learn more about the project and the practice of permaculture.


I am looking forward to sharing the experience of my magical home with you!